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WHY choose Glendale Landscaping Co. for your landscaping needs?! Simple – because we take your needs and wants seriously! We actually listen to you and come up with the best solution for YOU.​ Also, best of all we are affordable! Have you been stressing because you do not have time to maintain your lawn? Don’t worry – we got you covered! Servicing Glendale, California and the surrounding areas, our lawn care services will keep your lawn looking as fresh as can be! Whether you need existing lawn repair, landscape renovation, or hardscape services, Glendale landscaping Co. is your one stop shop!


At Glendale Landscaping, our client’s needs are our biggest concern! Landscape design and maintenance are our specialties. Our trained landscapers are dedicated to providing the best lawn care services in Glendale! Stop using your precious free time on gardening and shrubbery! Instead, spend time with your friends and family and trust this company and our local landscapers to get the job done!​


Our Trusted & Professional


We are a full-service landscaping company offering weekly lawn maintenance, planting and maintaining of flower gardens, pruning and shaping of shrubs and much more! Serving all of Glendale California and the surrounding area, our company specializes in landscape renovation and enhancement and hardscape design. Our team is equipped with highly skilled professionals who are experienced with gardening projects big or small. Our company provides professional landscaping services to business owners and homeowners. No job is too small or big for us!



Landscape maintenance is the crux of all well-kept lawns. Do not let your lawn down! Let us do all the work. Our specialized contractors regularly maintain your lawn and/or backyard to keep everything in pristine condition. From lawn edging, lawn mowing services, trimming shrubs and bushes, clearing of weeds, leaf blowing, weed removal, and garden cultivation we are here for all your standard lawn services. Our seasoned staff are eager to help maintain your lawn so that it stays healthy for years to come. If you chose to work with this amazing company, you will not have to worry about watering or fertilizing your lawn, keeping up with trimming, mowing, or blowing. Trust us with your lawn care – call us today!



We are dedicated to providing professional landscape services in Los Angeles County!

​ The needs of the customer are our utmost concern. If you are the type who just wants the best for your lawn, then we are the people to call! Do you want the best looking lawn out there? We can make this happen for you! We can come out every week for regular maintenance or we can get everything done during installation! Landscaping in Los Angeles is incredibly different than landscaping in other parts of the U.S. First off, Los Angeles has one of the best climates to landscape in! Outdoor living is an all year activity because the weather is adjustable. It is hard to stay inside when it’s the perfect temperature out! That is why we always recommend putting time and effort into your landscape design or hardscape design. Adding a pool, outdoor kitchen area, or a water fountain will make enjoying LA’s weather even better! We take into consideration the different climates that Glendale and LA have in general. Closer to the coast, homes need outdoor fire places to curb that chill they receive from the ocean! Homes that are in the mountains need shade to shield them from summer’s hot sun. In the valley, the properties are much larger so many homes are decked out with all the latest landscape designs. They almost all have swimming pools. extensive dining areas, and spas. Do you have questions about landscaping, hardscaping or garden maintenance? Give us a call today and let us answer all your questions!


Our local, skilled designers will come to your home and ideate with you to draw up your dream lawn! Whether you want a private garden sanctuary, sprinkler installation, nightscape lighting systems, patio walkway designs or pool landscaping, we can do it all! When the design aspect and the installation work together in symmetry that is when the art of landscaping really shines through. Our company makes sure we are delivering utmost installation services paired with modern, innovative design elements to keep your lawn looking sharp. We want to make your dream garden come true! We work with gardens and lawns of all sizes. Do you want a low maintenance garden? We are able to provide that to you and we will even show you best practices on how to keep up with your garden! However, if you are concerned about the routine maintenance, you can hire us to do the work for you! ​

More about Glendale Landscaping Co.

Glendale Landscaping has years of experience in routine maintenance, lawn mowing services, and landscaping lighting design. Come home to a beautiful garden and see how your mood instantly changes! We have been dedicated to making your life easier! Our local landscapers are highly qualified and aim to transform your lawn into something magnificent. Not sure how you want your surroundings designed? Not to worry! Landscape design is one of our strong suits! We take pride in our knowledge of environment orientation, external architecture and hardscape installation. I know what you are thinking – that landscapers are too expensive. Well, you thought wrong! Call us today for a free estimate! We provide personalized solutions that are specific to your needs and budget. We are eager to work with you and make your outdoor and patio dreams come true! We take our role very seriously and safety for our employees and customers is our number one priority. Soil preparation and grading, irrigation, hardscape construction, and general lawn maintenance can be hazardous. We make sure our staff is equipped with the tools they need to do the job as safely as possible. We will also ensure that the client is up to date with safety procedures pertaining to lawn care.

What do landscapers do?

Small, independent contractors may specialize in modest tasks such as delivering and spreading mulch, assisting with spring planting, establishing lawn drainage, or setting up a sprinkler system. Larger organizations or design/build firms will design and construct a complete landscaping arrangement that completely transforms your yard.

What is included in landscaping?

Gardeners are not the same as landscaping contractors. When you need assistance with your plants and flowers, hire a gardener. They may make sure the soil is healthy and design your flowerbed, vegetable garden, or companion garden. A landscaper looks after the larger picture when it comes to your home. The gardener ensures that the plants in the larger image are healthy and attractive.



Hardscape design is a specifically crafted skill. It takes time, resources, and a precise attention to detail to get it right. The types of hardscape materials we use are natural stone, steel bars, timber, reinforced concrete and more! Thinking about adding a concrete driveway to your home or business? Our hardscape contractors and designers are creative and come up with various designs. Say goodbye to a standard looking driveway and say hello to a unique, decorative concrete driveway! 

Maybe you do not need a full driveway but would like pavers, stepping stones or walkways that lead to your home or office. This is hardscape basics 101! No matter the job, big or small, our company is here! We even give hardscape ideas on a budget! 

One of the best things about California is the weather! You basically have all year to enjoy time outside and on your deck. Let us add to your backyard landscaping needs by building a new beautiful deck or updating your current one! Our company makes sure that your deck is in line with all safety codes, federal codes, and state codes. What would be worse than getting a fine because your hardscape was not developed properly. Avoid making frivolous mistakes and hire us for your hardscape installation and maintenance.


Our company has experience with commercial and residential landscaping. There are so many benefits to having an amazing outdoor area at your workplace. It gives your employees and colleagues an area to sit together and rejuvenate! Greenery is proven to increase employee morale and ultimately increase employee efficiency. Greenery is said to reduce stress, increase productivity, help reduce sickness and absence rates, make workspaces more attractive to job applicants, clean the air, reduce noise levels and boost creativity. We provide a variety of year round services that in turn lowers the cost of maintenance of your overall property. Our company makes sure that we are complying with health and safety laws when designing and installing your commercial landscape. 

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We are so excited at the prospect of working with you! Thank you for taking the time to review our landscaping services. Call us today to receive a free quote 747-204-3017! Also, check out our partners at landscaping Tempe and garden maintenance in Oxford! We ensure that you will receive the highest level of customer service when calling Glendale Landscaping. We want to make your craziest dreams come true. Please check us out on Google!