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Being in a lavish neighborhood, you’ll be needing a sophisticated Beverly Hills lawn care service provider. That is why Glendale Landscape Co. is readily available to provide you with your Beverly Hills residential landscaping and commercial landscaping service needs. Beverly Hills, CA, is a commercial area, however, it also does have high-end luxury homes. Best known for being a high-end shopping paradise and the residence of some celebrities. It is truly a paradise for those who love shopping and is a great place to be in. 

However, having to maintain your lawn is not an easy task. We wish that it was as easy as the computer game “The Sims” makes it look! In reality that is not the case. Surely commercial space owners and homeowners will be needing Beverly Hills landscaping services. With the help of our lawn care experts, let’s achieve your landscape design goals!

Why is it important for both residential and commercial properties to have well-maintained Beverly Hills or Burbank landscaping? Well, having your lawn or landscaping taken care of properly is a great addition to the aesthetics of your property, which will boost its curb appeal. A well-furnished place will surely put awe on anyone’s face that will see how beautiful your property is, especially in luxury homes and businesses alike. It will significantly raise your property’s real estate value as well as increase the number of customers you’ll get on your business. When the time comes that you need to transfer and sell your estate, it would add a significant amount of money from the proceeds of selling your property. On the other hand, for commercial establishments, it means you’ll be having more cash flow. Because the more customers you have, the more income you’ll get. From your landscaping ideas up until it becomes a reality through our landscaping services, Glendale Landscape Co. will assist you to achieve your landscaping goals!

Beverly Hills Landscaping with Glendale landscaping Co.
Landscaping with pink wall in Beverly Hills Glendale landscaping Co.


The first thing people immediately see when they enter your office or business establishment is the outdoor area. While it might seem like an irrelevant place to the usual routine of running your company or business, it has a great role that surely gives a huge impact on your business. 

Not taking care of your commercial property or business establishment’s lawn will give an impression that you don’t have an eye for details, which some potential customers or clients are looking for. No matter what business you are running, you don’t want to give off a bad impression, right? As business owners, we should also take care of our premises so that we give prospective clients the impression of our passion, dedication, and zero tolerance for any errors.

Here at Glendale Landscape Co. we also specialize in Beverly Hills commercial landscaping, which includes the services such as landscape lighting designs, hardscape installation, weekly lawn maintenance, and much more! No job is too big nor too small for us, and we make sure no matter what the job is, we will always dedicate our skills, and provide 100 percent satisfaction for our clients. Our complete services of commercial landscaping services have already been tested by countless clients, and we are proud to say that we have gained their trust through our excellent services. We offer affordable rates for our services, without compromising the quality of service we provide. For your Beverly Hills lawn care and maintenance needs, there is only one company that will surely have your back anytime, it is Glendale Landscape Co. What are you waiting for? Give us a call now and we will give you a free quote!