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Brush Removal


Our brush removal service will prepare your property for any lawn renovation and construction projects you have. We will take out the unwanted stumps, stones, and any other vegetation to prepare your property for a building project. We will cultivate your project site, while at the same time preserving the natural topography of the area!


​No matter if you are either a homeowner or a business owner that needs extensive labor of professionally clearing your property from any unwanted debris while at the same time preserving your property’s natural physical features, Glendale Landscape Co. will give you a hand! If you have a vast land property, that has a lot of unwanted vegetation and other scraps, then you will surely need to find an expert landscaping company, and luckily we are here readily available to help you. We will provide you a complete brush clearing service that will make your property be in its top condition.

Here at Glendale Landscape Co., our crew of land and brush clearing specialists has what it takes to get the job done. Equipped with the tools, skills, and has been refined by their years of experience in the landscaping industry they can surely clear out even the seamlessly unyielding brushes you’ve ever encountered, assisting you in achieving a clear and clean property that you wanted to have. If you are looking for the right land and brush clearing contractors in Los Angeles County to help you recover the portions of your property that have been deemed useless due to being buried in debris then you are in the right place to find them. Give us a call, and we would immediately let the best crew of Glendale Landscape Co. solve the problem for you. We will provide you with exceptional service that made us one of the most trusted companies in the Los Angeles landscape industry.

Whether your land has been buried under annoying brushes or any kind of debris. If you want the right people to clear it, then we are always ready to lend you a hand. If you have further questions regarding our land and brush clearing service, or if you want to set an appointment for us to get started. Call us today. Our customer service department is always on standby waiting for you!


​Are you planning for a new construction project? Or are you trying to improve your property? Or just getting tired of looking at the sorry state of your land? There is only one solution to that and that is our Glendale Landscape Co. brush removal services. A lot of people have got a concept that getting professional land and brush clearing service is just a waste. After all, you can just remove tree stumps and other vegetation through a DIY approach, right? Well, we would just like to put a stop to that common misconception as that is not always the case. We will provide you the reasons why you should get land and brush clearing services to the professionals. 

Prevent Fires
Through our brush removal service, we can get rid of the bushes and plants that are vulnerable to fire. A brush removal expert will be able to remove and get rid of any unwanted vegetation such as dry grass and dead branches or trees in just a little span of time, which would take away all the dangers and also the hard work for you. 

Remove Pestering rodents and insects
Aside from removing the thick undergrowth that has been growing throughout the years. We also remove pestering rodents and other unwanted bugs and insects. You see, most of this area has become the breeding grounds of pests. That is why, when we are doing the process we will always encounter them, moreover, removing the unwanted bushes and plants will provide you a more orderly site for your projects, may it be construction or farming.

Increase the Value of Your Home and Improve your landscape 
fallen trees, dead branches, and wild bushes is not really a pleasant sight to look at. When you hire the brush clearing specialists of Glendale Landscape Co., we can transform your property and improve its landscaping by removing the overgrown plants, weeds, and any kind of debris that will impair its beauty. This will result in a clean, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing landscape. Removing unwanted scraps, and vegetation can even increase and free up space which you can use for other purposes. Moreover, this process of clearing out, and taking care of your property can drastically increase the property’s value.

Provide a blank canvass for a new landscape development
Clearing your lot or property through our brush removal service can provide you a blank canvass for your landscaping, construction, or architectural ideas. Providing you an organized, clean, and safe working environment in doing your projects. Most real estate developers would hire professional land clearing services as they know that investing in brush removal services has greater returns than what it initially cost them.

Our brush removal experts will tackle all your problems of unwanted vegetation and general debris on your property, may it be commercial or residential. Looking for a brush removal service will no longer be a hassle as you already know that Glendale Landscape Co. can do it for you. Call us now so we can give you a free estimate!