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 If your lawn is lusciously green, verdant, and thick then it is something that you can brag about. It will become the most inviting part of your house, also it is one thing that most passersby and other people would first notice. However, if your turf is yellowish and looks pale because of pest invasion and diseases it can drastically diminish its appeal.

​Lawn pests and diseases can cause a lot of headaches especially if it hits your beautiful lawn. It causes effects such as grass thinning, discoloration, and bare patches. We know how important it is for homeowners to keep their lawns healthy and pest-free to maintain the yard’s beauty letting you, your family, or everyone who can see the wonderful sight of your lawn enjoy it. However, if the predicament we mentioned earlier is left untreated, it will immediately destroy your lawn like a bushfire. To protect what you have invested in your lawn from those issues, it is important that we can diagnose and treat your lawn at the earliest possible time before the damage can get worse. To assist you with dealing with turf diseases and pest infestation, Glendale Landscape Co. offers disease and insect treatment services for everyone that needs our help.

It is good to learn some information regarding these diseases and pests to know some of the immediate care you can give to your turf, but it is much better if you let the experts take charge if your vegetation is suffering from diseases and infestation. That is why here at Glendale Landscape Co. we offer our expertise on disease and insect treatment to you. If you are facing these dilemmas then you can always ask for help from us. We will make sure that we will bring back your lawn to its heydays.


 Insects play an important role in our ecosystem, however, there are instances that these creatures can go over the line and become a big problem, that can destroy all your hard work and investments in a short amount of time. Once the presence of these insects becomes disruptive it is best to call for the expert pest busters of Glendale Landscape Co.

If you can see some minor damage on your lawn, call us immediately as lawn pest infestation can often go unchecked until you can already clearly see some significant changes on your lawn. Fortunately, through our knowledge and experience, we can efficiently and promptly prevent and control the destructive nature of some insects.
Identifying the kinds of lawn pests is the most reliable way to know how to approach pest infestations in your yard. Some common signs that would be able to notify you that pests have already invaded your lawns are dead or dying grass, patches, brown spots, and bite marks, just to mention a few. So now we have compiled a list of some common lawn pests that may invade your lawn.

Chinch bug
Chinch Bugs can feed on several types of grass. It feeds on the grass by sucking on it, while at the same time, during its feeding it secretes an anticoagulant fluid that hinders the ability of the grass to absorb water. This bug can be found throughout the country.

Grubs (beetle larvae)
One of the most devastating lawn pests. During spring, summer, and fall, these pests will feast on the grass, specifically feeding on the grassroots

Sod webworm
This worm can grow up to 1 inch in length at maturity. Has a green or brown color with dark spots. An adult webworm moth lays its eggs on the grass which in return its larvae feeds on it.

These worms burrow under the soil during the day and then feeds on the grass biting stems off completely. They leave trails, as the area they feed on can turn into dead spots.

Armyworms are 1 to 2 inches long. Has a variety of colors which range from pink to yellow to gray. They will grow to become a moth.


​Plants have similarities with us humans. Plants, being a life form can also get sick due to infections caused by various insects or types of illnesses that can spread through the air, water, or even the soil. The symptoms and signs are very noticeable on turfs, shrubs, and trees. That is why just a hint of any infestation or grass diseases it is very important to call expert lawn care service providers like Glendale Landscape Co. to provide immediate treatment on your lawn.
It is important to get a lawn care maintenance service provider to keep your lawn in great condition. It is also highly advisable to take care of your lawn even before getting affected by this predicament. If your lawn is in a healthy state then it would less likely get damaged by diseases and could even fend for itself.
As lawn care service providers in Los Angeles County, it is a part of our lawn care program to monitor your landscape for disease and insects. If left incompletely eradicated, the diseases can gradually build up immunity from the chemicals applied. That is why it is important to completely repel diseases. So turn over your lawn’s care to the experts, entrust your lawn to Glendale Landscape Co.!