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Hardscape Installation is not an easy task but the reward is worth it! Hardscapes add versatility, convenience, and entertainment to any lawn or outdoor area. They are a great addition to any house but the installation process can be daunting. That’s why we are here! Glendale Landscaping wants to take away the stress of adding hardscape to your home or business. Our hardscape services range from design to installation. Our highly trained hardscape contractors will be with you every step of the way. Many people get deterred from adding hardscape because they think it will be too expensive. We take your budget very seriously and truly believe that there is something that fits everyone’s budget. Also, keep in mind that beautiful hardscape can easily raise the value of your home or property! Installing hardscape is not the most glamorous part of landscaping. There are times when it looks a mess! Most hardscape installations require some sort of excavation. But don’t worry because in the end it is going to look stunning! We normally install the largest and most strenuous hardscapes first. As long as this is feasible this is the route we take. Hardscape lighting is another area we specialize in. What kind of mood do you want for your outdoor living area? Lights can either make or break the tone! We create ambiance and illuminate outdoor spaces that enhance the natural beauty of your landscape.​

Glendale Landscaping wants to be your one stop shop for all your landscaping needs. Our hardscape technicians are extremely experienced with pavers, as well. They provide any and all services that you need on your property. Please see our specific paver services below –

  • Driveway Pavers
  • Patio Pavers
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Landscape Curbing 
  • Stamped and Decorative Pavers
  • and more!

If you need pavers and are in the Los Angeles/Glendale, California area then Glendale Landscaping should be your first call! Our design and installation teams provide you with custom pavers that will exceed your expectations. There are almost unlimited options when it comes to pavers, too! We have a variety of stone shapes, types, and patterns. We let you choose from mini patterns, chiseled edge, or honed and unfilled – whichever you think adds to aesthetic of your landscape. Our top priority is to enhance the homes and projects of our customers. We provide a large selection of products that are modern, reasonably priced, and easily accessible! We are eager to provide the highest level of customer service! 

Have you ever thought about adding some natural warmth and texture to your home? Stacked stone is perfect for that! The texture is wildly popular among homeowners and adds a three dimensional look to any area. Or how about Faux-wood? At Glendale Landscaping, we like to use faux-wood or a composite hardscape material because it has all the features of real wood, the same aesthetic and appeal, but it doesn’t have all the downfalls of real, natural wood. Natural wood is vulnerable to elements and can splinters, warp, and fade. We recommend faux-wood when your hardscape will be receiving a lot of traffic and when you are in harsh climates. Another great hardscape material is brick. Everyone loves a beautiful picturesque brick patio. However, as pleasing at it may look, it is also very vulnerable to the elements. We do not recommend having brick installed when you are subject to heavy rain and/or snow. Lastly, we like to recommend a hardscape material that not many people think about for outdoors – tile! There are actually types of tile that thrive outdoors. For example, concrete tiles or natural stone are ideal for the outdoors. We do not recommend installing tile on your end own. It can be one the trickier hardscape materials to work with and is best to be left to professionals. If you have any questions about the above hardscape materials, please call us today!