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Glendale Landscape Co. offers Koreatown Landscaping and maintenance services for both residents and business owners in Koreatown, CA. No matter how big or small the issues that need to be fixed, our professional crew will handle them for you! We can guarantee 100 percent satisfaction to our clients that would utilize our expert Koreatown lawn care services. Aside from having the state of the art equipment that our workers use, we also vow that we will only provide you with the best local landscapers you can find in Los Angeles, such as in the areas of Koreatown or in La Crescenta. If you want to know more details about our services, you can contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!


Koreatown, which is located in the City of Angels, is a wonderful place with spectacular cityscape sceneries. Koreatown, CA has two seasons, which are the dry and wet seasons. During the dry season, it would be awesome to go out on the beach and get some tan lines. On the other hand, during the wet season, you can enjoy the vibe of the rainy days while enjoying a hot beverage. Our point is, you can always have a good time no matter what the weather is. However, it is a different story for our lawns. Each season whether it is the dry season or wet season, your yard would need maintenance for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery that it would give, and also avoid issues that may result from having an unmaintained lawn.

During the dry season, Koreatown lawn care is more likely to be focused on giving the Koreatown lawn mowing, aerating, fertilizing, and giving the appropriate amount of water and nutrients for your lawn to be healthy. However, a lot of people that are tending their lawns by themselves have the common misconception that during the dry season, you must water your plants and lawn more. But we want to correct you about that because instead of providing care for your lawn, excessive watering can cause serious issues for your plants and lawn. It is comparable to humans, like how you could get sick and get serious complications from excessive eating, plants and grasses have the same processes as us humans. That is why we recommend that you get assistance from knowledgeable lawn care service providers for your Koreatown Landscaping and maintenance.

In the wet season, on the other hand, things could be more complicated in taking care of your lawn. Mowing or cutting your lawn on your own is not recommended. Well, cutting or mowing grass during the rainy season would need a piece of heavy-duty equipment. Moreover, many harmful effects could arise if you don’t have the skills and knowledge. That is why we advise that you get assistance from those few who have the right knowledge and techniques in lawn care service Koreatown. Wet grass can be heavier than the usual grass, and it will most likely block your mowers and amass which would make it hard to clean up after trimming it. If you are struggling or don’t have the luxury of time to maintain your lawn, then entrust it to those you can trust. Call Glendale Landscape Co.!

Koreatown Landscaping in Glendale California
Koreatown image picture in Glendale California.


It will be great if you just have to sit down, relax, enjoy your favorite beverage while looking at the masterpiece in front of you which is your lawn. And nothing can beat that feeling especially after a long hard day at work, while at the same time having a conversation with your friends and loved ones. What a wonderful sight can it be? Well, with the help of professional landscapers from Glendale Landscape Co. we can make it a reality!
You will never look for any other Koreatown lawn care service provider! Call us now, and we will help you achieve your landscape dreams!