Glendale Landscaping Co.


Landscape Maintenance

Glendale Landscape is committed to preserving and magnifying your lawn! We specialize in providing your property with extensive regular care.  Our landscapers maintain lawns by mowing, weeding, raking, reseeding, fertilizing, and watering as necessary to sustain the landscape in a thick and healthy condition all year. We maintain the ground covers by weeding, spraying, pruning and edging, cultivating, mulching, watering and replanting care areas.

Our maintenance services include – 

General Maintenance

  • Mulching
  • Hedging
  • Fertilizing 
  • Pest Control
  • Lawn & Grass Care
  • Pruning
  • Weeding

We are also very experienced in maintaining trees and shrubs so that they are in their best condition by pruning, shaping, watering, staking, mulching, spraying and potentially replacing them when necessary. We can also maintain sprinkler systems in the proper working order by cleaning and adjusting heads and risers and properly adjusting the schedule on the controllers. Our team also offers repairs for lawn and landscape irrigation systems.

​Practicing rigorous lawn care and yard maintenance might seem like an uphill battle, but conserving a good-looking yard is more important than you may realize. That is where we come in! If you are putting off getting a jump start on your lawn care call us today! We want to help you achieve the best lawn possible. We want you to feel comfortable in your lawn and your outdoor space. Maintaining a lawn is more than mowing and clipping and we can go above and beyond your expectations. The landscape of your home impacts the feel of your neighborhood and can increase the resale value of your home. It is also a place where family and friends come together. Lawn maintenance is nothing to overlook! We lend a hand in expressing the personality and charisma of your indoor living space and bring it outdoors. Call us today for more information! 

When you hire us to do your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance you will not be let down. Our highly trained representative(s) will arrive on time and will not leave until everything is completed. They will begin by assessing what needs to be done and then cross checking that with what you have requested to be done. Don’t worry if you missed something! Our lawn care professionals will make sure they complete what has been requested by you but also complete any extra tasks that need to be done. Our mission is to leave your landscape looking one hundred times better than when we arrived. 

​Maintaining your landscape is valuable because if you do not your whole lawn could look like weeds! If you do not mow your lawn regularly, the grass does not go to seed, which causes the blades of grass to appear as weeds. You do not want any wild plant to grow in your garden or lawn and hinder the cultivated plants from growing freely. An ideal piece of grass is thick and healthy. When you mow your lawn on a regular basis, that is exactly how the grass gets! Another huge benefit to keep your lawn mowed is that is deters pests from coming into your garden or grass. Snakes and rodents love to swarm unkempt lawns so be aware of this! Once you have a healthy lawn that is well maintained, you can begin your design process. 

Something that a lot of property owners overlook when caring for their lawn is aerating. Many lawns, whether they are seeded or sodded, are normally planted over a limited and insubstantial layer of topsoil. Gradually, after normal wear and tear on your lawn such as pets, soccer games, or lawn mowers, the soil becomes compacted which makes it difficult to for air, nutrients, and water to infiltrate the grass roots. Our company combats this issue by loosening and aerating the soil. We have all the equipment necessary to restore your lawn to a healthy condition! ​​