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Lawn Aeration

Glendale Landscaping Co. provides its lawn aeration service to help you get a beautiful and healthy lawn and also being able to maintain it that way. To make it possible, we must employ fundamental lawn care methods, and do it properly, such as fertilizing, mowing, and watering. Aside from those mentioned, we also have a method called lawn aeration. Most people don’t know about lawn aeration, people should know that it is one of the essential lawn care practices to ensure that your grass is getting enough nutrients. It is a vital element in having a healthy and verdant lawn, as it allows nutrients to reach the soil. It also allows water, and air to penetrate to lawn thatch or grass that has piled up through time.

The basic concept of lawn aeration is that, just like humans, your lawn, specifically the soil and grasses, needs to breathe. That is why we offer our lawn aeration services to give your lawn a breather and keep it in top condition. Get rid of those piled-up thatch and let your lawn relax to get the best look for your lawn.


Lawn aeration is a type of landscape maintenance service that involves the process of penetrating the soil, giving it small holes to let water, nutrients, and air reach the roots of your turf. Moreover, the process will help the roots to grow deeper and create a stronger and healthier yard,

One main reason for using this lawn care process is to mitigate the compaction of the soil. Compacted soil will create a solid surface that prohibits water, nutrients, and air to circulate which will then result in the poor growth of your turf and other plants. Excessive lawn thatch and other organic debris may hinder the grass to get the appropriate nourishment that it needs, making lawn aeration a crucial lawn maintenance service for any lawn.

The most common question that we always have to face here at Glendale Landscape Co. when it comes to lawn aeration is ” Should we aerate our lawn?”. A lot of homeowners don’t know what aeration is, furthermore, they don’t know how to determine if their lawn requires a lawn aeration service. It is why we are here to offer and to inform you what, when, why, and how we do the aeration process. 

How Often to Aerate? There is no definite period in which you need to consider when you have to aerate your lawn. What you need to consider is the frequency or the traffic volume that your lawn gets to encounter. If your lawn is more exposed to heavy foot traffic then it is advisable to at least have your lawn aerated once a year.

We have set some factors that may help you determine that your lawn might be a candidate for aeration.

High traffic volume will lead to compacted soil. If your lawn serves as free space that gets used frequently, such as a playground for your children, or the venue for you and your neighbors’ barbecue nights, then aeration is highly advisable. 

Having a newly constructed house or you just got your home renovated. In most cases, the lawns of a newly constructed property have been compacted due to the construction traffic.

The lawn is visibly dry and feels like a sponge. It indicates that your lawn has a problem with organic debris or thatch piling up. You can try to take out a pole and stick it on the lawn, when the spongy layer is longer than half of an inch, then aeration is required.

Through the years that your lawn provided a space to relax and hang out, it is now undeniable that it is well-trodden. So maybe now is the time to give back and take care of your lawns through lawn aeration. Aerating your yard will boost its well-being, strengthen its root growth, and relieve the compaction of the soil, which will allow the circulation of the nutrients that is necessary. This will make your lawn verdant, happy, and healthy. 

Any kind of lawn will surely benefit from our lawn aeration service. Lawns that have been exposed to heavy foot traffic and an excessive pile of thatch are the ones that will really need the benefits of lawn aeration.

Benefits of getting your lawn aerated:

  • Provides more access to air, water, and the nutrients your lawn needs.
  • Strengthen your roots and encourage growth.
  • Would lessen the bumps on lawns due to relieving pressure.
  • Natural weed control. A healthier lawn can fend for itself when it is in peak condition.

So if you’re now convinced that your lawn requires aeration, then don’t hesitate to reach out for help from the professionals. Glendale Landscape Co. has the proper tools, knowledge, and skilled crew to take care of your lawn. For most homeowners, nothing can top up the satisfaction of having a beautiful lawn.

However, after the aeration process, it is still important to carry on with the fundamental lawn care practices such as mowing, fertilizing, and watering. If you don’t have the time to do it. There is only one company you can trust. Entrust your lawn to Glendale Landscape Co. If your lawn is getting the proper care it deserves then it will provide you a wonderful place to relax!

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