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Maintain your home’s beautiful lawn clean and healthy with our clean up services. Here at Glendale Landscape Co., we would love to extend our help for both residential and commercial properties. Our Clean up service package ranges from tree and plant trimming up to lawn mowing. If you are interested and are planning to get your yard cleaned up, you can call us and schedule a regular lawn care service from our company to keep your lawn in mint condition and at its best the whole year-round. Our services are designed to ensure that you will never get disappointed with the results.

A lot of homeowners want to upkeep their beautiful lawns, however, daily routines, such as your job or other household chores can hinder your plans for your yard. Most of the time, you’ll end up neglecting your yard which may cause permanent damage. One thing about making your yard green and healthy is to maintain a clean environment, such as removing debris and other harmful foreign objects. That is why we are here to give you a hand in your landscaping endeavors. Your lawn will benefit from regular cleaning, and it will look better. If all of those steps are done religiously, like mowing, debris removal, and general cleaning, all other problems that may arise from your yard will less likely happen as your lawn would be much healthier.



Don’t deny it. Most of us are guilty that we just let some things slip and get a little out of hand. For example, cleaning up your lawn. What we thought that is only a small amount of trash, if left to sit around even just for a short period, could result in a huge pile-up without being noticed. In some cases, even though you were very active in taking care of your lawn, there are just some things in life that we could not control, which would force us to stop caring for our yards. If you don’t have the extra time, but still wanted to take care and maintain your lawn’s aesthetics then you can always ask for our assistance by availing of our services.

We are a landscaping company that you can trust, and the one you can ask for help anytime! If you call us, we can immediately set a schedule for the time and day, free of charge, and a no-obligation quote. If you have decided to avail of our services, we will then go over to your house or the property that you wanted to be cleaned up. Our expert crew will then heed your instructions. The team that will go over to do the job for you aren’t just any person, they are a team of professionals that have been refined by their years of experience in lawn care service. They are also equipped with the appropriate tools that are needed to get the work right. 

Our lawn clean up and maintenance services aren’t just about removing some weed and raking up some leaves, the job also aims to get rid of the fungus, bugs, and various diseases that may harm your lawn. Our lawn clean up package specifically includes the services such as yard waste removal, pet waste removal, abandoned home cleanup, general debris removal, leaves removal, junk removal, mulching, bush trimming, doing complete lawn mowing, edging, blowing, weed whacking l, removing and tearing out old bushes. Making a yard look clean and pretty? we can do it!

Our lawn clean up service for the areas in Los Angeles County suits best for clients who want to give their residential or commercial property a general cleaning and also for realtors that gets to deal with crappy yard after tenants have left the property. However, whatever may be the reason you have in availing a cleanup service, feel free to call Glendale Landscape Co.!

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Don’t let your thoughts of having to spend money get over your plans of finding a Lawn clean up service provider. Most especially if you want to have a wonderful lawn. Here at Glendale Landscape Co., we can hook you up with the most reliable experts when it comes to lawn cleaning and other lawn maintenance services. If you are having problems finding free time to take care of your lawn because of your busy schedule, then why not let the professionals from Glendale Landscape Co. take charge of handling your lawn clean up problems. Don’t waste your time trying to look out for the best lawn care service provider as you have already found it.

What you can expect from us? Having a professional crew to maintain your yard regularly, you want to make sure that the job is done right and ensure you that no problems will arise in the future. If you hire us you can expect that all are in place and having a healthy and clean lawn is guaranteed

When you hire us, you are ensured that you will receive the best services available in Los Angeles. The science behind a wonderful and healthy lawn is making sure that your lawn is being taken care of by people who have the right set of skills and knowledge. Glendale Landscape Co. is proud to say that we possess the qualities required. Don’t waste your time looking for others for your clean up services, and call the best landscaping company to deal with your lawn clean up. Call Glendale Landscape Co. now!