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Lawn Seeding

 There are many factors you need to consider when choosing a company to do lawn seeding for you. However, with Glendale Landscape Co. you wouldn’t need to worry as you are confident that we will do the job perfectly. We will evaluate the conditions of your property, may it be residential or commercial landscaping for us to ascertain the appropriate steps to take.

If your lawn is looking a little bit scanty, probably it needs a lawn seeding service. When your turf has already reached its lifespan, it should be replaced. At least once a year, your lawn would need additional seeding, and it is the thing that it needs to get your lawn back in a wonderful condition. Signs of bald spots or bare patches should be tended immediately. The first step you need to take in repairing those problems is preparing your property’s ground for the application of the seeds. Then after which you proceed to apply the seed on gravely affected areas to match and make your turf look even.  


When planting grass on your lawn, the seeds must be directly planted on the soil. In most cases, landscapers will cultivate the soil and then scatter the seeds on top of it. Then they will rake it to ensure that the seeds will contact the soil. That is why Glendale Landscape Co. is here for your Los Angeles county lawn seeding services to help you with the laborious process. 

A lawn care and maintenance service would never be complete without a seeding service, a solution to build strong and lush grass. If you are planning to establish a new lawn or bring back the glory days of your old one, our company will do the job for you. There are numerous benefits of lawn seeding. It includes filling up the bare or thin spots in your lawn, and also a natural solution to weed control. Moreover, the methods of seeding such as hydroseeding, slit seeding, or overseeding will develop a vigorous root structure, making your grass withstand drought.


Well, you see, if you try to do a traditional DIY approach of seeding methods, it might not seem to be a bad idea. However, one wrong move and you may end up spending more money, time, and effort, than the initial time and cost you anticipated. In determining which seeds and seeding method you need in order to have the best results it is better to leave it to the experts, as they have the knowledge and will give no room for errors.​


Glendale LandscapING offers complete seeding solutions in order to meet the needs of your unique lawn. Our lawn seeding services will be based on what you need. In our planning and designing stage, we will give utmost consideration to what you have in mind, while we will also formulate and suggest some of our ideas to get the best possible outcome.

Best rated grass seed varieties
New varieties of grass, if planted in your lawn, may help protect your yard from drought, pests, and diseases, as a result, you may end up saving more money, as you don’t need to get treatment services as often. Our team has numerous kinds of grass in our arsenal that you may want. You can be confident that our premium seeds will provide you a beautiful and healthy lawn!

Using state of the art equipment
Our lawn services are always conducted using state-of-art pieces of equipment that are designed and specialized to provide maximum performance. Slit seeding machines and the other seeding types of equipment we have are always kept in mint condition to ensure a job well done. One important aspect to have the right equipment is to ensure optimal ground contact, the right placement, and balanced placement of the seeds.

Our Lawn seeding service solutions

  1. Hydroseeding, a great approach to establishing a wonderful and lush lawn without having to worry about the high costs of lawn sodding and the inconsistent results that usually come with the traditional seeding method.
  2. Over seeding is the process of spreading seeds over your present lawn. It is a straightforward process. If done right, it will give you a wonderful looking lawn. As your grass ages, it will go thin, that is why over seeding will bring your grass to its peak without having to start over.


​Glendale Landscape Co. has provided seeding services to numerous clients in Los Angeles for many years now. Through all that experience, we are confident to say that we already have great knowledge in the landscaping maintenance industry. It is easy for us to recognize what is the best time, and the best approach we need to do on each kind of soil. The positive results we have and success in every job we. We owe it to our clients who have entrusted to us their lawns, giving us the experience and knowledge to do the job right. 
 Moreover, here at Glendale Landscape Co. We only use premium seeds with our services, ensuring that the strains we plant are resistant to pests and diseases, boosting your lawn’s resilience and vigor. With your Lawn seeding needs, you now know who you need to call, and that is us! Call now!