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Your plant’s and lawn’s health demand more than just a regular lawn tending in Montrose. Our expert crew has the skills and knowledge to get your yard healthy and flourishing regardless of the growing condition or time of the year. Glendale Landscape Co. uses a complete and tried system, providing you with thick, luscious, verdant, carpeted grass throughout the year. What’s important is being consistent with the particular system, and each component must be delivered in a proper application at a certain time. If you hire us, you’ll be able to see why we are getting high regards from the community when it comes to lawn care services. Our professional lawn maintenance experts consider several factors in drafting a suitable lawn care approach for your home, so you can be satisfied with the outcome.

Our lawn care Montrose CA produces excellent care for your property’s yard. Aside from maintaining your grass and plants regularly, there are other things we need to do to ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn. Pests, these things are a nuisance not just for your plants but also for you, your family, and your friends. Moreover, it can affect the integrity of your property. Our crew will be able to detect pest issues in their emergence, through their trained senses they can prevent infestations and handle active infestations cautiously. Pests are a hassle and can easily spread out on your property affecting other things at your home. That is why Glendale Landscape Co. offers Disease and insect treatment services for your lawn to protect your vegetation from any harm.

Our Montrose lawn care and maintenance service isn’t limited to residential properties, we also provide our services for commercial properties. Ranging from apartments, local businesses, and many more. Every lawn care we apply is designed uniquely to maintain your property’s unique lawn care needs.

Moreover, you can also rely on us in determining what irrigation and fertilization approaches are the best way for your lawn care. Whether you need seeding services for a new garden or reseeding aging and old grasses, or you just want your yard to get some nourishment, you will need the pros from Glendale Landscape Co. to make things easier! Call us now if you need lawn care services in Montrose, California!

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Montrose lawn landscaping with Glendale landscaping Co.



Glendale Landscape Co. was established to always provide quality and effective services in the lawn care industry within Los Angeles County, which includes Montrose CA. We always continue to introduce innovative lawn care systems so we can provide better and improved services for our clients while at the same time developing the company’s business footprint. We always uphold our aim which is to make our services in line with our commitment to the local community. This means, we are not just a business that only thinks about the profit, but an establishment that everyone can ask for help and rely on when it comes to their lawn care issues.

If your property contains beautiful and healthy trees, shrubs, or plants. It can significantly improve your property’s value. Putting some bushes is also a wonderful idea, or shall we say a good strategy to bring additional depth to the landscape and provide a pleasant environment that could entice clients, tenants, and guests. We at Glendale Landscape Co. can help you improve your lawn and bring more attraction not just to your homes, but also to your businesses. We focus on giving you complete satisfaction in all the services you ask for. In case there are things that you are not satisfied with, then you call always tell us, and we will work on it until you are 100% satisfied. 

Contact us now if you have any queries regarding our services in Montrose CA, and other locations such as Pasadena. What are you waiting for? Call now!