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Glendale Landscape Co. supplies Lawn maintenance and West Hollywood Gardening Services which your lawn or garden may require. It includes the services like sprinkler installation and repair, mulching, aerating, pest control, just to name a few. If you don’t have the luxury of time and are looking for someone to take care of your garden on your behalf or want to have a professionally manicured garden or lawn, allow us to do it for you. We are well capable of dealing with your West Hollywood landscaping issues and can help mitigate and even prevent any mishaps on your gardens and lawns keeping them in a good condition. Maintaining your garden is vital for your home value.

Moreover, aside from having a significant impact on your property’s resale value, proper landscaping can help you with your HVAC (Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning) expenses. Glendale Landscape Co. has a proven track record, renowned for its innovative, quality West Hollywood landscaping designs.

Hardscape Installation West Hollywood


Glendale Landscape Co.’s West Hollywood Local landscapers are always on track making sure your landscaping is done right. We design and offer hardscape installation in West Hollywood. Hardscape construction can virtually define the exterior of your property, the same method as planting beautiful flowers, installing hardscape has a significant impact on aesthetics. The results of this landscaping method are typically instant and permanent.

A beautiful exterior can be produced by using your imagination and also manipulation of your walls, patios, pavers, and other components of your home, and if incorporated with your plants, it will result in a beautiful outcome. 

a pciture of a wall trimmed hedge with Glendale landscaping Co.
picture of a trimmed schrub in a lawn with Glendale landscaping Co.

West Hollywood Landscaping Companies 


If you employ the seasoned professional local landscapers of Glendale Landscape Co. to handle your landscaping needs, like fertilizing your lawn, mowing your grass, or installing any ornaments and gardening equipment around your property, you are already assured that the services you will get are high-quality and excellent.

We have been offering our West Hollywood landscape, hardscape, and lawn care services for quite some time now. That is why you can always rely on us and can be confident to let us handle your property with care. Reliable service, affordable rates, friendly employees, means that you don’t have to look for anybody else to do the job for you. Call today for your no-cost quote!

When it comes to West Hollywood landscaping, we always focus on providing the best and the finest people we have when it comes to working with gardening, lawn care, etc. For countless years now, our employees have been refined and have mastered the art of lawn care here in West Hollywood, CA. To get more details about our different services, don’t hesitate to call Glendale landscape Co.


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At Glendale Landscaping Co., we offer the best and complete maintenance services that you need. As being the best local landscapers in West Hollywood, we have been providing the quality and even tried to exceed the requirements that most of our clients want for their landscaping and hardscaping of residential or commercial properties they have.

You can always talk to us any time of the day if you need our services. We are a company in Glendale, however, we also offer our services in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles County. The areas in which you can avail of our lawn maintenance services are Glendale, Koreatown, Monterey Park, Adams Hill, Altadena, Beverly Hills, Burbank, La Crescenta, Montrose, Pasadena, and West Hollywood. So if you think you have lawn problems, then you can always call us, and we will be there to help you!